Machine Interfacing

Get super-fast 100% precise and error-free sampling test results with minimal manual intervention.

What is Machine interfacing?

Seamless Sampling with 100% accuracy in results

Machine Interfacing is a LIMS functionality. This involves interfacing the Sampling Equipment with the LIMS Server. The only bounden duty to the lab technician is to manually place the Sample and set it on. Upon completion of sampling process, the results are automatically fetched on LIMS server without any instructions or prompting, or human interference in any form. In Machine Interfacing, the system primarily leaves no room for the likeliness of errors or misfed readings, and promotes quick data processing, data integrity and precise results.

machine interfacing

Unidirectional Interface

Unidirectional Interface executes one-way communication between the Sampling Equipment and LIMS server where Results are harvested on the latter upon completing the test. Here, the Technician is destined to perform Sample Placement and Instruct as to what type of Sampling should be done

Bidirectional Interface

MocDoc LIMS sends across commands as to what type of Sampling should be done. Subsequently, sample placement is manually performed, and the equipment abides by LIMS Command to perform the test. The Results are then auto-fetched on LIMS server forthwith.

machine interfacing

Benefits of Machine interfacing

Machine Interfacing is a one-time investment with lifelong benefits in lab management. It’s an assured way of obtaining precise test results. Considering the time involved in voluminous sampling and complex tests involving multiple parameters, Machine Interfacing is a commendable solution that almost discards human interference and eliminates possible delay that’s otherwise the case when done manually. The result data are quickly churned out on the LIMS server and allows quick action on patients in critical conditions.

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