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MocDoc HMS provides everything from single to multi-chain Hospitals.


Patient Records


Reports Managed





Comprehensive OP Management from Doctor Discovery, Appointments, Check In, Billing, EMR, Prescription to mobile apps.


Visual EMR

Speciality wise EMR and Visual Case sheet. Option to create follow up visits while retaining the previous visit data. Auto fills to add commonly used case sheet data. Saves time and eliminates paper.

Comprehensive Appointments

Multi View Calendar to view Appointments for single doctor, for entire hospital and for multi location appointments. Online portal for patients to book appointments directly.

Integrated OP Billing

Integrated Billing with treatments, Lab and Radiology. Discount Authorisation alerts. Automatic Due capture. Option to bill before and after consultation.

Flexible Queue Management

Flexible Option to use Appointment based Checkin and Token based Checkin. Token can be displayed on big screen.


Manage commonly and recently used medicines. Option to show medicines available in pharmacy. SMS prescriptions to Patients.


Comprehensive IP Management handles corporate and insurance patients, reduces pilferage, eliminates paper work.


Insurance Management

Single Click Invoice generation for Insurance Providers for pending payment. Option to set Pre Authorisation amount.

Visual Bed Management

User friendly interface to manage beds. Automatic movement to maintenance after discharge. Multiple rate plans for same room based on amenities.

Ward Request

Medications can be ordered for IP patients from ward itself. Eliminates paperwork and manual tracking.

Discharge Summary

Template based Discharge Summary. ICD10 integration. Option to prevent discharge summary till IP bill is closed. Avoids revenue leakage.

Integrated IP Billing

Manage Advance, create paid spot bills, automatic billing of rooms and other charges, integration with pharmacy and Lab.

OT / Therapy Room Management

OT Therapy Management is one of the feature of MocDoc Hospital Management System that helps to manage operation therapy room in a more efficient way.


OT Calendar

Consolidated calendar view to book available OT, Surgeon, Anaesthetist. Option to reschedule and cancel booking.


Pre configured check list for Surgeons and consent forms for Patients. Can be updated from the appointment itself.

SMS Notification

SMS to Surgeons and Anaesthetist on the surgery / therapy appointment.

Surgery Notes

Option to add and manage notes from Surgeons and physicains.


Comprehensive Pharmacy Management handles stock, Prescription Integration, Ward Request, Stock Management, Stock Moment and intelligent reports.


Purchase Management

Options to manage suppliers, raise purchase invoice, raise GRN from Purchase Order. Stock adjustment option available for non GRN based flows.

Stock Management

Configure Multiple Stores and Sale Counters. Track and Monitor stock movement Stores and Pharmacy. Option to Raise and Issue Indents. Reorder level configuration.

Sale Bill

Automatically Load medicines from Prescription. Option to return medicines against bill. Option to sell medicines with manual prescription also supported.

FSN Analysis

Have complete control on expense. Hard limit can set at system level to restrict orders beyond threshold. Supports both pre paid and post paid payment.


Detailed reports on Current Stock, Product based Margins, Manual Stock Adjustments, Edited Sale Bills, Created Indents, Discounted Bills, Pharmacy Net collection and more.


Comprehensive Lab Management handles complete order management, Custom Reports, Smart Notifications, Credit Settlement, detailed MIS Reports, Analytics and App for Phlebotomist.


Order Management

Place orders for samples directly from app, register your sample containers, Print barcodes, record sample data, assign sample locations, assigns collection agents and integrates with your lab machines for complete automation in your lab.

Custom Reports

Reports with configurable templates based on Gender and Age. Doctor Specific Templates would be picked automatically. Auto abnormal alerts, Formula based result values and Historical Chart.

Email Reports

View all referred out tests with current status. Date wise trend can be seen from the report.

Smart Notification

Automatic notification can be sent to customers on test results. Lab notifications like email, sms of the test reports sent from from the Automated Lab notification module.

Invoice Generation

Generate Invoice for Franchise, Outsourcing Lab as per Rate Plan. Have complete control on expense. Hard limit can set at system level to restrict orders beyond threshold. Supports both pre paid and post paid payment. Compute Referral Payout as per the rate plan.


Comprehensive Pharmacy Management handles stock, Prescription Integration, Ward Request, Stock Management, Stock Moment and intelligent reports.



Dashboard shows a snapshot information of current revenue, expense, Lab, Pharmacy data. Lets you set and monitor Targets for departments. Provides important analytics information and trends.

Multi-Location Support

MocDoc Hospital Management System scales easily along with the hospital. Any number of branches can be added and managed using a single account.

Role Based Access

Option to use default and custom roles for users. Users would have restricted access based on the roles and privileges. Users can be allocated to single or multiple locations.

Micro Website

A micro website is provided automatically along with MocDoc Accounts. This is SEO optimised and provides good visibility to the hospitals. Patients visiting the portal can book appointments online or can call the hospital number. This is one of the unique feature in MocDoc Hospital Management System

Appointment Widgets

For hospitals having their own site, widgets are integrated. Patients visiting the hospital’s website can book online appointments without moving out of their site. All this is done with just 2 lines of code.

Best In Class Hospital Management System App

What sets us apart


Handle all OP operations right From the MocDoc HMS App.


Lets you access entire MIS data from your palm.


Verify, Approve lab orders and Collect samples from App. Track location of phlebotomist.

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Automatically picks the patient info when Patient calls you.


The restrictions applicable in the Web are applied in MocDoc HMS App also.

Multi Location Support

Lets you manage multiple locations from MocDoc HMS app itself

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