MocDoc Lab Management System


One Stop Lab Management Software

Our Lab System has options to Integrate to both OP & IP. Every Lab Sample can be uniquely identified by barcode generated from MocDoc.

Works on all Platforms - Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS & Android!

Auto Abnormal Highlight

MocDoc is so user-friendly, it automatically highlights the abnormal values based on the ranges provided and helps healthcare practioners to read the lab reports with ease.

Machine Integration makes your work much easier! and avoids Human Errors

Pathology Templates

Beautiful word-like templates can be saved and re-used without having to type the entire report again. Gender based automatic template restriction, in order to prevent mismatches in report generation.

MocDoc - Eases your Day to Day Activities!

Management Reports

Carry your current status of Lab anywhere and anytime. All kinds of Analytical reports can be derived from MocDoc MIS Reports. Exports options are available to make the account management process easier.

Get everything at One Place!

SMS / Email Notification

Make everything Paperless from Lab Billing, orders to Reports. Link all your customers online and email the lab reports right away, taking note of everything digitally using MocDoc LMS.

Many more features

  OP Integrated Lab

  IP Lab / Spot Bill

  Credit Management

  Retest Verification

  Delay Time

  Radiology Templates

  Multi-Location Support

  Lab Reports History

  Micro Website


  Marginal Analysis

  Promotional SMS

  Referral Analysis

  Detailed Analytics

  Role Based Access