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Established 2000

Manjali Diagnostic centre is Kerala’s first premium standalone centre, furnished with all the modern and advanced digital equipments. The centre staffs an excellent team of professionals who are experienced in their field of expertise. Manjali upholds exceptional patient care standards and leading edge diagnostic imaging facilities. The Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) system ensures an ease in delivering the results to you and your doctor electronically at any time. And like what the name suggests, clarity in test results and diagnostics is what we offer best.

Our Vision

We envision a world where technological advances finally come level to level with the modern health requirements. But until the, we'd work together hand in hand o provide the best of health care services possible.

Opening Hours

We know how important it is to provide medical care round the clock. Which is why we provide our un - ending services 24 x 7. Avail our full fledged services from 9 AM-7 PM.

Stay informed. Stay healthy!

5 Doctors Work in Our Lab

M.B.B.S, MD Diabetologist
Andrea Grace
M.B.B.S, MD General Physician
Anu Steve
M.B.B.S Acupuncture,
General Medicine,
Deepthi Paul
M.B.B.S Dental Surgeon,
Steve Paul
M.B.B.S General Medicine

Services Offered


Fully Automated Laboratory


Pulmonary Function Test  

Patient Care Services  



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