Kolapilly Ayurveda Multispeciality Clinic

Established 1954

Kolapilly Ayurveda Multispeciality Clinic
specialisation in Kaya Chikilsa and paediatry .

The Kolapilly family, at Vennala in Ernakulam Dist. has a tradition of centuries in Ayurvedic treatment as well as production of ayurvedic medicines. The renowned physician Govindan Vaidyar, practitioner in Ayurvedic treatment, especially in paediatrics and psychiatry, is the pioneer in this tradition.

During 1950s, under the initiative of Sri. Govindan Vaidyar, a center was established at Thammanam, in the old Travancore-Kochi border, with the purpose of conducting trade and for storage of Ayurvedic medicines. By 1954, this centre was developed into “Sreekrishna Vilasam Ayurveda Bala Vaidya Sala”, a center through which his expertise and experience in ayurvedic practice became beneficial to the local people.

Succeeding Sri. Govindan Vaidyar, from 1975 onwards, his son Sri. Madhavan Vaidyan, a leading figure in paediatrics in ayurveda of that time, was running the clinic. After his demise, his son Dr. Mahesh Kolapilly B.A.M.S took this position. From the year 2001 onwards Dr. Mahesh has been practicing at “Sreekrishna Vilasam Ayurveda Bala Vaidya sala”, a center through which the great traditional knowledge of ayurvedic medication comes to the benefit of common man. Dr. Mahesh started “Kolapilly Ayurvedic Multispeciality Clinic” at Thammanam, where his skill and specialization in “Kaya Chikilsa” and paediatrics can be applied with the help of the tremendous potentials of “Panchakarma Chikilsa”

Mahesh Kolapilly
Dr. Mahesh Kolapilly
Saritha Mahesh
Dr. Saritha Mahesh
Dr. Diji
  • Ayurvedic treatment in traditional way.
  • Ayurvedic therapeutic centre with separate wings for male and female patients.
  • Round the clock monitoring by experienced doctors.
  • Individulized treatment plans.
  • Herbal slimming programs
  • Yoga consultations .
  • Relaxation therapies.
  • Stress managment techniques
  • Panchakarma Treatments .
  • Weight  Reduction treatments.
  • Women Specialtiy Clinics

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  Location 1
Location 1
Ernakulam 682032
Landmark: thammanam jn
Business Hrs: 10:00 - 17:30
Break Hrs: 13:00 - 14:30
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