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Established 1995

Registration No 0005412

The medical director of Chennai Krishna Hospital Dr.S.Venkatraman a consultant general surgeon, endoscopist & laparascopic surgeon & surgical gastroenterologist, has contributed his efforts at various positions to different hospitals. He was a chief surgeon in HINDU MISSION HOSPITAL, Tambaram in the year 1998. He has also contributed his fruits to SURGICAL GI DEPARTMENT OF TAMILNAD HOSPITAL and MIOT Hospital duriring 1999-2000. Presently Dr.S.Venkatraman also holds various positions such as Surgical Gastroenterologist, DAE hospital, Kalpakkam since 2001. He does have a private practice in Naganallur. Above all his vision of starting a hospital CHENNAI KRISHNA HOSPITAL at Chrompet, Chennai has been accomplished in 2006 with all his earnest efforts. He has 2 endoscopic units with video upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoldoscopy with all accessories. Dr.Venkatraman is also a faculty in Johnson & Johnson Teaching Institute for surgeon in Chennai Its also noteworthy that he is a pioneer in stapler surgeries for piles. He does have a proven efficiency in doing all diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic procedure’s such as Foreign body removal Sclerotherapy, banding for oesophageal varices Dilatation for stricture STENT placement for cancer. so far done around 18000 endoscopies in the past 11 years Dr. Venkat Raman is the first person to do endoscopic "allergan" baloon placement for obesity in South India. Dr.Venkat Raman is the first surgeon to do stapler surgery for piles in Chennai & has done maximum no's in the state. Dr.Venkat Raman is the only surgeon in south India doing Fistula plug surgery. Dr.Venkat Raman has latest endoscopic accessories to perform al therapeutic endoscopies. Dr.Venkatraman is also extremely good in executing all advanced laparascopic surgeries such as Diagnostic, biopsy from liver/peritoneum. Chromotubation for infertility, Tubectomy, Oophorectomy /ovarian cyst aspiration, Hystrectomy, Appendicectomy, Cholecystectomy, Adhesion release, All hernia’s lap. Repair-inguinal, femoral, incisional, epigastric& umblical. Duodenal ulcer perforation Fundoplication for reflux/ hiatus hernia.

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Location 1
297, GST Road
Chennai 600096
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: chrompet
Business Hrs: 10:00 - 22:00
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