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Established 2000

Changampally Vaidhya Bhavan is well known for its tradition and unique methods of treatments and established in Malabar- (South Kerala). Ayurveda is a way of life, embraced by young and old alike at Malabar. Its principles are accordance with the cherished beliefs of the people of this land.

The Changampally Vaidhya Bhavan is a research center for Tumor related diseases & Marma treatment.
They provide treatment based on traditional Ayurveda blended with modern research and diagnosis methods. Changampally breaks the belief that Ayurveda treatment took much time to cure and their methods give speedy recovery to the patients.

The surrounding atmosphere of this hospital itself, with lot of greenery provides the patient with great mental relaxation. This hospital has got a successful result curing the patients suffering from cancer and tumor related diseases.

CVB situated at Edakulam, in the famous historic place Thirunavaya, Where Mamangam (A historical festival occur in 12 years interval, later in every festival battle used took place between Zamorins and Valluvanad King ).It is access able by road, rail or air.    

Firdouse Iqbal Changampalli
Dr. Firdouse Iqbal Changampalli
The traditions of bygone days are reborn with higher relevance to the modern era. And CVB with over 400 years of inherited knowledge in Ayurveda, martial arts and related treatments helps to cure through proper Ayurvedic medication and rebuild the mental power through meditation and super sensual knowledge.

At Changampally Vaidhya Bhavan, all diseases are treated according to Ayurveda treatment methods like Ayurvedic Massage, Panchakarma, Marma chikilsa, yoga and spiritual methods.

Diagnosis Methods :

At Changampally they adopt all modern diagnosing methods like Scanning, X -Ray, Chemical Analysis of Blood, Urine, etc. They also use Nadi Pareeksha (diagnosing method by palpitating radial artery). for the diagnosis of disease. Thus they combine Ayurveda with the advantages of modern medical science. They also conduct Yoga sessions for the speedy and healthy recovery of their patients.

Changampally follows both modern and Ayurvedic methods, in which inspection of both patient and disease occur, they practice all diagnosing methods like Dharsana - by observation, Sparsana - by touching and Prasna - by history/interview . Ashta Sthana Pareeksha - by inspection of eye tongue, skin, nail,.Nadee Pareeksha (diagnosing method by palpitating radial artery) and methods of Marma Chikilsa.
Rejuvenation/Purification Therapy
This is a combination of different type of KAYACHIKILSA treatments. Types of treatment vary from person to person after consultation with the physician. This is a preventive treatment and protects the body from diseases by building up stamina and vitalizes the body. It covers five catagories of treatment vamanam, (vomiting) virechana(clearing) swedam (sweat) nasyam (nasal) and raktha moksham (purification)
       each have various types of treatment according to the person and problems viz, dhara, kizhi, pizhchil, nasiam, vasti, swedam etc. This is decided by the Physician; also he prescribe the medicines, diet and life style during the treatment period, known as ‘pathya’

          Continuously pouring the lukewarm oil on body by trained masseur and masseuse in rhythm. This treatment is effective for rheumatic diseases, nervous disorders, joint pain, sexual weakness etc.

This treatment is done by pressing with a cloth bag containing a mix prepared with Njavara rice , milk and other medicines, on the body This mix in cloth bag(kizhi) is applied on the body in a lukewarm condition after dipping in the medicated milk solution. This is very much effective for hyper tension, all types of rheumatic complaints, joint and hip pains, numbness, skin disease, beauty care, improve body weight and to maintain health.
          Continuous pouring of suitable medicated oil, milk or butter milk on the forehead in a special method. Effective for mental disorders.

Herbal extracts and oil are applied through the rectum. This treatment is suitable for hemiplegia, gastric complaints, constipation, menstrual disorders, arthritis and paralytic complaints etc.
          This is done by pouring and holding a medicated oil in the head by fitting a special cap in the head. This treatment is effective for lack of sleep, facial paralysis, ear , throat and nose problems, headaches etc.

Application of medicines through the nose by blowing. This is effective for disorders connected with head, headaches, diseases related with ear nose and throat, etc.

          Oral administration of medicated ghee in proportionally increased quantity under the strict supervision of the physician. This treatment is for osteo-arthritis, psoriasis, ulcers and other stomach related diseases etc.
      Herbal leaves or powders in cotton bag applied on body with light pressure after applying medicated oil. This is the treatment for injuries, arthritis complaints, body swellings, spondylosis etc.

          This treatment is for obesity, diabetic complaints, skin diseases etc. Body is massaged with special type of medicated oils for about 45 minutes with some special strokes

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