In recent years, medical stores have transformed from a place where you get your medicines, to a place where all your medical needs, such as mobility aids, nutraceuticals, health monitoring devices, and other biomedical supplies are met. Other than providing the required supplies, pharmacies also serve as a place where patients can get adequate information and advice regarding the dosage of a medicine, the composition of a drug, and the possible side effects. With this evolution, they have shifted from being just pharmacies, and it has become much more difficult to manage them.

A pharmacy management software helps you manage a pharmacy by keeping track of drugs, medicines, and supplies ranging from mobility aids to disposables. It gets you the information you require right at your fingertips. This can ensure that you never run out of essential medicines and supplies and also give your customers a better experience.

Here are 4 exciting ways how pharmacy management software can help enhance your customer service along with reduced costs.

Better customer experience

A personalized service, catering to the specific needs of a customer,  helps you to provide a better experience for your customer, and therefore help you retain them. A simple query about a past purchase will help you to build a personal relationship with them, which may prove fruitful in the long run.

A pharmacy management software allows you to log and track the entire purchase history of a customer, their insurance information, and other relevant information.  This will you to give a better experience to the customers, and at the same time, easily keep track of your sales.

With the help of your customer’s medical history, you’ll be able to provide better advice to them, avoiding allergies or any counteracting drugs the doctors may have missed. You'll also be able to remind your customers about the next drug purchase in their schedule.

Quick access to information regarding similar drugs of lower prices will make it easier for you to provide economically better options to your customers.

Good Resource Management:

A pharmacy management software helps you to manage your pharmacy’s resources easily and in an efficient manner.  With the help of a good interface, real-time reports, inventory management and precise invoicing, you can easily understand and manage all the resources at your disposal.

Inventory Management helps you to easily keep track of medicine and equipment stock. You can easily check if any of the out-of-stock items are available in any of your other stores. With order tracking, you can give timely reports about the estimated time of delivery to your customers in case of any special orders.

With the help of precise invoicing, you can keep track of your expenses, income and therefore easily manage your store’s finances. The system helps you to better understand the financial situation of your store, and give you insights on how to fine-tune your business.

An online pharmacy management software will also help you to manage stores in multiple locations effectively.  You can easily manage the stock and sales in all of your stores from your smartphone or laptop.

Effective Sales Management:

Now you can easily and efficiently manage your sales with the help of a pharmacy management software. Now you can keep track of every sale, the price of every drug and equipment sold,  and the profit made. You can now easily analyze your business prospect and the flow of cash, and get the information you need to optimize the process

A good pharmacy management software can be integrated with your current workflow and equipment, and make maximum use of them. A barcode scanner plugged into the software can make it easy for you to document your sales, track your inventory, and at the same time provide a faster checkout for your customer.

Online services

With the advent of online pharmacies, more and more customers are preferring to get their drugs delivered to their doorstep, and this has threatened the sales of traditional pharmacies. But customers still find their neighborhood stores much more trustworthy. Take advantage of this by providing an online sales portal for your pharmacy. With the help of a cloud-based software integrated with a sales portal, you can easily provide this service to your customers. The online software will also enable you to manage your pharmacies from anywhere in the world.

Essentially, a pharmacy management software will help you to provide better customer experience, manage your resources and sales efficiently, and enable you to take your sales online.

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The Pharmacy Management system otherwise referred to as the pharmacy information system stores data, systemizes and controls the use of the medication process with the pharmacies.

The Medical Technology and Information technology is growing day-by-day. The system developer makes use of this golden opportunity to help the pharmacist in controlling their stock and choosing the right medicine by using the computer program.

The pharmacist makes use of the pharmacy management system to control the pharmacy reliably. Patients sometimes prefer to visit the pharmacy instead of a doctor for minor illnesses, and the system enables the pharmacist to prescribe over the counter drugs for these ailments

5 Major Pharmacy Management System (PMS) Features:

The prime purpose of a PMS is to assist the pharmacist in the safe and effective delivery of pharmaceutical drugs.

The pharmacies require some core capabilities and functions to perform their duties effectively. Below are some of the top 5 must-have features for a Pharmacy Management System.


Pharmacies interact with multiple patients every day, and data regarding each of these interactions are stored within the pharmacy information system. Data may be used later for improving the business strategy or it may be needed during a certification or inspection process.

The reports offer valuable insights into the operations in the pharmacy. It can be used to distinguish the patients who visit the pharmacy frequently for refills, and this can be used to stock accordingly.


Prescriptions are known to be illegible and this can cause confusion among patients and is also a source of error in dispensing the right medicine. E-prescriptions provide a user-friendly option for the patients and also reduce the risk of errors.

The electronic prescription feature can be used by the pharmacy to manage refills and allows doctors to send the new refills directly into the pharmacy management system, allowing rapid dispensing of the medicines. Apart from this, there will be no confusion in offering the right prescription between the physician and the patient.

SMS and Notification:

With the use of a pharmacy management system, the pharmacist can schedule text messages to be sent to patients intimating them before their prescriptions running out.

The patients can then let the pharmacist if they need a refill, simply by responding to the message. The status updates let the pharmacist keep in touch with the patients, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support:

The user can manage stores at multiple locations easily with a pharmacy information system.

Data about stock levels, sales, returns from multiple stores can be viewed in a single software. Overall reports for the entire chain of stores can be generated, giving the user a complete overview of profit, loss, stock levels, etc.

User Management Module:

This feature allows restricted access to various users. Access to various features can be limited for different users, for easy management. This authentication is classified into two conditions namely

Administrator User: The user can control the buying and selling process, list the medicines, view the stock and perform other tasks. The user will be able to view the pharmacy list and the pharmacy map easily. It plays an essential role in controlling the sales and stocks being processed every day.

Administrator Authentication User: The users who are authenticated can view all process including selling reports, transactions, manipulate the medicine list and the medicine stock. This feature also helps to track regular activities and generate daily accounts by utilizing the multisite software.

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