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About Us

Total Ayurveda is a humble effort of humanitarian to be healthy by natural way. You are different today because you lost some knowledge how to be healthy. You must look back, re-educate yourselves and find the essence of Ayurveda which has descended from Gods and practiced by scholars from infinite time. This will put you back on the right path again. At Total Ayurveda we practice Authentic Ayurveda in its classical form to give the best thus transforming you to feel the change in you through this Science of Life. Once you visit us, you won’t be the same person as you were before. The healing happens when body, mind and soul is treated together. We are specialized in treating; Autism, Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation and Multiple disabilities Diabetes and its complications Psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases Gynecology and Infertility Rehabilitation for post cancer treatments Thyroid Problems Let your best journey to health start from Total Ayurveda


  Location 1
# A/40, 32nd Cross
Jayanagar 7th Block
Bengaluru 560070
Landmark: Near cafe coffee day
Contact: 9945850945
Business Hrs: 07:00 - 21:00
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