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K.K.Eye Hospital 

About Us

K.K. Eye Health Care & Research Centre is a full fledged, modern state of the art eye hospital. This is located at No.34, Gandhi Road, West Tambaram, Chennai-45 offering quality eye care to all at affordable cost. The hospital is managed by two eminent, experienced and dedicated Ophthalmologist, Dr. A. PANDIAN and Dr. K. KAVITHA LAKSHMI. They were the moving forces behind this hospital which stands transformed from its modest beginning in 2002 to the present world class Advanced Eye Care Centre. Fast Facts About KK Eye Hospital Micro Incision Cataract Surgery The Smart,Safe,Swift,Sub 2mm Surgery Modern Cold Phaco Surgical Unit No Stich,Walk In-Walk out,Needle Tip MICS Implantation Of 10Ls Ranges Expericence Enhanced Contract Sensitivity


  Location 1
No.34, Gandhi Road
West Tambaram
Chennai 600045
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: In Gandhi Road
Contact: 044-22381130, 044-65908699, 044-22381311
Business Hrs: 12:00 - 23:59
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