Clinic Management System

Want to digitize Clinic Or Hospital for lowest cost?

Clinic Management has

Front Office Phone based Appointment/Availability Management
  • Front Office now manages appointment in a single click
  • SMS sent to patient immediately
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment with YOUR OWN SMS to patients
  • Receive Consolidated Appointment SMSes
Patient Records
  • Keep unlimited patient Records
  • SMS based Review Reminders
  • Vaccination Reminders
Task Management
Manage Clinic/Hospital task collaboratively


If you are a doctor (practicing or non practicing) or medical student sign up as doctor

After sign up, you can

Own your website with personal URL (
  • You choose "YOUR_NAME"
  • It is your professional and personal identity
  • Personal URL is unique to every doctor. It can be shared easily to reach out to broader community
Manage Appointment
  • Get online appointments from 10,00,00,000 people in India
  • Manage your appointments - create, modify, confirm or cancel in seconds and we will notify via Free SMS and Email
  • Simple elegant appointment interface for Front desk or phone appointments
  • Book appointments for extended period of time
  • Connect with users and other doctors
  • Share information
  • Create journals and articles
  • Manage entity profiles(hospital/clinic,pharmacy,lab,optical,blood bank)


If you are not a doctor, sign up as user

After sign up, you can

Book Appointment
  • Book appointment with doctor
  • See past appointments
  • Connect with users and other doctors
  • Share information
  • Create health profiles
After signing up as a user, you can place a request for managing entities (hospital/clinic, pharmacy, Lab, optical, blood bank). Once granted, you can manage entity related information in a broader way.