Admin Dashboard

An overall view of the daily progress of your hospital in a single page

OP Status

Lists the No. of OP patients, Total No. of Appointments booked and total no. of patients checked in, Doctor wise patient count.

IP Status

Lists the Total Beds in your Hospital, Total no. of patients Admitted and No. of patients admitted today, total no. of patients discharged today, Unoccupied Beds etc


IP, OP, Pharmacy, Credit Bills, Cash/Card total collection

Other Status

Expense Amount, Cancelled Bill, Refund Bill

Access Data Anywhere

Chosing our cloud based solution will help you to get access to your data anywhere at anytime using any device.

Our web app is designed in a responsive way to be accessed by devices like tablet and smart phones also

Note: We also provide offline based solution

Manage Multiple Locations

Control your chain of clinics/ hospitals from anywhere, anytime.

Role Based Access

Create multiple users - Front office, Admin, Pharmacists,etc.,. based on role in each location.

Manage multiple Departments

Manage multiple departments in your hospital under one account

Electronic Medical Records

Preformated Speciality wise Casesheets

Casesheets are designed based on the speciality of a doctor. For example, Dental casesheets are designed to add teeth and other dental related issues easily.

Cover all Aspects of Data Required

Cover all aspects such as chief complaints, physical examination, investigations, treatments, clinical reminders, diagnosis and follow up plans.

Doctor Discovery

Doctors can be easily discovered by searching their name , speciality, location or hospital

Within the hospital's micro website, each doctor working there will have a seperate profile page to display their professional details and work timing.

Doctors can also post health articles on their profile page.

In the hospital micro website, Filter option is available to display the list of doctors based on particular speciality.

Appointment Management

Doctor's availability can be provided in time slots which will help patients to book appointment by selecting a particular time slot.

Facilitates appointment booking in all three ways - phone, online and direct walkin.

Reminders of appointment details can be sent to both doctor and patient through sms and email.

Apoointment cancellation, rescheduling and appointment swapping can be easily done.

Doctor specific interactive calendar view.

Out Patient Management

Patient Registration

Registration with de duplication engine to avoid registering patient multiple times

Patient Checkin

Facility to checkin patients to consulting doctors with Barcode Token printing

Token (Barcoded) based queue Management

Print barcoded tokens and later it can be used for organizing big queues and billing - We support various barcode printer and barcode readers

OP Patients List with Bill payment details

OP List provides color coding to visually identify payment status

OP Billing with Lab Test integration

OP patient can pay consultation and other charges along with Lab tests or Lab profiles in the same billing session

Patient Visit Record with Prescription and Lab order, View Lab order for Doctors

Facility to add OP Casesheet with Chief complaint, Examination, Diagnosis (ICD 10), Vital capturing, Lab Test ordering and Prescription

Growth Chart - Height/Weight Charts

MocDoc automates Growth Charts, it automatically generate Height and Weight Charts of a child

Vaccination/Immunisation Reminders

MocDoc provides IAP Vaccination/Immunisation records and will send reminders based on IAP schedules

In Patient Management

Bed Management

Floor wise room list with Color coded indicator to show availability, occupied or under maintenance

Multiple Room Types

Facility to add multiple detailed billing particulars with each room types. Each room can be assigned multiple room types which helps in IP Billing

IP Admission and Bed Transfer

Bed Transfer can be done easily at any point of time and mocdoc will automatically update the charges based on the room type


Multiple time Advance payment recording, Lab/Profile test ordering, Lab cash bill


Capture details like examination, ICD10 based diagnosis, vitals, medication, Physician notes and Nursing notes in casesheet

Discharge Summary

Discharge summary with date populated from Casesheets

Pharmacy/ Stocks Management

Product Master

You can add the list of all your pharmacy products using product master.

Create and Manage Multiple Stores

Create and manage multiple stores and sub stores in a single place

Keep track of stock levels/reorders and Expiry list

See inventory level, send Purchase order sms to supplier etc

Stock transfer from one store to another through indent

Laboratory Management

Easy and Paperless workflow

Adding a test in the billing section will automatically place order in the laboratory.

Medicine, Organism, Smear Masters

Add your own medicine, Organism, Smear master on top of defaults provided by MocDoc.

Test Master

Add New Test along with Masters provided by MocDoc. We support Pick Lists, Derivative Values, Rich Texts, Normal Range etc

Profile Master

Add combined group of tests in the name of profile. Example: Master Health Checkup is a profile that consists of many tests.

A single profile can have multiple tests and profiles within itself.

Operation Theatre Management

Provides a list of standard process to enhance patient safety.

Theatre list can be added.

Sheduling for operation and details of Anaesthesist and Surgeon can be added.

Surgery details and time of surgery can be sent via sms to Surgeon and Anaesthesist.

Consent for operation form provided.

Integrated with IP Billing.

WHO's checklist is available.

Reports and Analytics.

Detailed MIS Reports

MIS consist of hundreds of reports that provides quick insight on all Key Performance Indicators thereby assists the Management in making strategic and operational decisions on time

Collection and Income Report

See various types of report based on department, treatment, userwise, net collection with expense

Pharmacy reports

ReOrder level, Short Expiry, Margin reports and Product flow analysis reports etc

Lab Reports

Various laboratory related reports like lab income, outsourced lab test, list of lab orders by consultant, by visit type,by date, by location, etc., and list of delayed lab orders

Referral Report

See who referred to your hospital

and much more...

Rate Plan Master

Configure different price plan for OP, IP and daycare.

Configure different price plan for different locations of your hospital.

Configure different price plan based on the Insurance/ Corporate shemes supported in your hospital.

Package Master

Configure a group of treatments as a package. Eg: Cesarean Package, Knee Replacement Package etc..,

Provision to expand or hide package items in bill.

Package can have different price plan for different locations.

Facebook Widgets

Add our facebook widget to help your patients in facebook to book appointment directly in your facebook page

Website Widgets

Add our website widget to your website where patients can book appointment directly from your website in just a few clicks