Sample tracking

Complete sample movement in a single interface.

What is sample tracking?

Streamline sample collection and track the whereabouts and real-time updates of each and every sample using MocDoc Sample Tracking. Sample Collection is a cumbersome process involving various collection points like domestic collection, collection centres, B2B samples, Runner, etc. And there are many collectors involved in the process. A consolidated system to track all the samples, their status and real-time updates is what we call Sample Tracking.

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How Sample Tracking Works?

Sample Tracking by MocDoc LIMS facilitates complete ease of Tracking Samples collected at various points. At the very moment a Sample is collected from a Patient, it is assigned with a unique barcode. From there on, throughout the course of its migration from one juncture to the other, LIMS ceaselessly monitors the whereabouts and status of the Samples, leaving no space for mismatch, loss or erroneous readings/data.

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Benefits of Sample Tracking

Sample tracking eliminates the likeliness of missing or lost samples, especially in large laboratories where there is voluminous circulation of Samples. Also, by automating the process of tracing and tracking the samples, manual intervention and human errors are largely cut down, thus bringing down the turnaround time. With this, the entire system extends better quality and care and utmost ease in operation with reduced manual work

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