Monitoring by Single Scan

Simplified sample tracking and patient tracking with least manual intervention and utmost accuracy in detection.

True convenience of testing

Barcoding or Monitoring by Single Scan is a simplified procedure for patient tracking and sample tracking where ‘unique’ barcodes are assigned specific to patient samples. This code pertains to specific type of Tests to be performed. By placing the Sample Container with the Barcode, the machine automatically reads the code and initiates required Test without manual prompting of any kind.

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How it works?

With the help of MocDoc Sample Tracking and Barcoding, samples once collected from patients are assigned with unique barcode. This holds ‘complete’ patient and sample records including patient name, location, age, health complaint, etc. The whereabouts of this sample, status of sampling, attending technician, and all allied details are kept intact in the barcode. These details are automatically read and sampling is done without any manual intervention.

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Barcoding does not allow room for any erroneous readings or missing samples, as the real-time information are monitored and tracked using barcodes. It also avoids misidentification of specimen. The overall time needed between sample collection to analysis is cut down and promotes better quality in sampling process. There is enhanced security and integrity of samples and overall improved workflow. Barcoding, in addition, leaves no room for misplaced or lost samples.

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