MocDoc Services

MocDoc provides multiple services for Hospitals, Clinic, Doctors and Patients.
  • Search Engine Optimized Profiles/Sites
  • Front Office Management
  • Complete Appointment Management system for Hospitals/Clinic and Doctors with HMS integration
  • CRM Solution
  • Hospital/Clinic/Practice Management
  • Patient Records
  • EMR/EHR for hospitals and clinic
  • Prescription
  • Billing
These services available for doctors, hospitals and clinic Contact Us Or Call us 081898-81898

Appointment Management Service

  • Front office to manage calendar with configurable timeslots management
  • SMS based notification
  • Virtual Front Office
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve business
  • News and Events to Clinic Page
  • MocDoc Managed Appointments and Calendar, just out source your front desk
  • Improve your business by opening up multiple channels of appointments to Patients
    • IVR based Appointment
    • SMS based Appointment
    • Web based Appointment
    • MocDoc Managed Appointment
    • Phone Line to front Office
  • Appointment rescheduling
  • Appointment swapping
  • One click reach to patients via SMS

Search Engine Optimized Profiles/Sites

  • Multiple Cover Photos
  • Profile Photos
  • News and Events to Clinic Page
  • Project Doctors or Speciality for Web appointment booking
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Please visit one our customer's profile page Takecare Hospital

Front Office / User Management

  • Multi user support
  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Billing
  • Tasks
  • Practice Management
  • Reminders

Task Management

  • Create a task for important activities that can be assigned to an internal employee
  • Add multiple notes as tasks progress for better profiling about the happenings
  • Collaborative: Multiple team members can collaborate with single task

Investigation/ Diagnosis Management

  • Enlist and manage diagnostic facilities
  • Customize various investigation type to particular patients (CT Scan, MRI etc.)
  • See the progress with color-coded progress bar

Reminders / Alerts

  • Set reminders based on patient profile
  • Periodic communication with patient for ex. Vaccination reminder for infants.

Patient Record / E.M.R

  • Visit Summary/Case sheet management
  • Discharge summary
  • Investigation summary
  • Easy access to multi-years of records


  • Manage billing
  • Create Treatment specific billing
  • View consolidated Report


  • Customize prescription
  • Print prescription for handing over to the patient
  • Send prescription to the selected pharmacy

Integration with existing Website

  • Online appointment
  • Doctors' list - adding/removing doctors immediately reflect in your website
  • Department list