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Established 2018

Sriram Scans and Diagnostics is a Radiological imaging and Hi-Tech Diagnostics centre in the Tiruvannamalai. This scans and diagnostic centre was established on 2018 and provides a complete range of high quality health care investigation services under one roof.

We at Sriram Scans and Diagnostics,work as a team in delivering quality service to the patients we serve. We believe in listening to the patients and in transforming the way we deliver services so as to meet the needs of the patients.


We are open throughout the week (Monday to Sunday).
First Time in Tiruvannamalai we are operating and serving 24 HOURS
Appointments can be scheduled over the phone.

Our Mission
To provide consistent high quality and safe health service, targeting human body imaging and laboratory services. Commitment to deliver efficient and high standard service to the patients we serve, is at the heart of everything we do.
Our Values
Putting patients first, Respecting patients and Striving to the best.
Our Vision
Innovation, Excellence and Consistency

At Sriram scans and Diagnostics-Tiruvannamalai, our commitment to quality is thorough and uncompromising. And is implemented though design and compliance to a quality system that is focused on ensuring reliable and accurate results, every time.

Our procedures ensure

Use of vacationers instead of syringes for sample collection, to eliminate sample contamination or preanalytical errors

Use of fully automated analyzers that eliminate the chance of human error

Periodic calibration of all instruments and measuring devices

Implementation of an online Quality Control (QC) program including participation in international EQA programs from reputed vendors

Involvement of highly qualified, competent and dedicated professionals, in every step of the testing procedures

Radiology is the science which deals with the use of radiation/magnetic energy for the diagnosis and treatment of a disease. A minimally invasive form of medicare, it allows the doctor to study a patients internal system, without making any cuts on the body.
The department of Radiology & Imaging, at Sriram scans and Diagnostics, is one of the most well equipped and state of the art departments, in Tiruvannamalai today. We offer a complete range of imaging modalities from routine X-Ray and Ultrasonography to cutting edge imaging modalties such as the 16 slice CT scanner. Other radiological modalities include Color Doppler,Fully Automated Diagnostic Lab

16 slice CT scan
Ultrasound scan
Fully Automated Biochemistry lab
Digital Xray
12 channel ECG
Hormone Aanlyser
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  Location 1
Location 1
Somavarakula Street
Opposite to Arunachalam Cinema Theatre,
Tiruvannamalai 606601
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: Chengam Road
Business Hrs: 00:00 - 00:00
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