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Established 1999

The Trinity Eye Hospital is dedicated to the people of Palakkad with an aim to provide advanced eye care on par with international standards at affordable cost. Trinity Eye hospital is one of the leading eye hospital in Kerala, offering state of the art modern diagnostic and therapeutic services with highest quality in the most of the specialization of ophthalmology. Recognized as a Premier eye care service provider , the hospital is empanelled with various National Organization and leading health insurance companies. A firm commitment to quality as the main aim of all services provided at Trinity Eye hospital. Every doctor and staff member is committed to provide. Personal attention and most advanced eye care to every person who comes to the hospital with high standards of quality. With the corporate office at Palakkad Town It is expanding in various parts of Palakkad.

6 Doctors Work in Our Hospital

M.B.B.S,DO Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)
M.B.B.S,DO Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)
M.B.B.S,DO Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)
M.B.B.S,DNB, FRCS- EDIN Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)
M.B.B.S,DO Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)
M.B.B.S,DO ; DNB Ophthalmologist(Eye Care)

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Trinity Eye Hospital has the state-of-art facilities, experienced specialists cutting edge surgical techniques, with latest equipments in each of the specialty clinics. Every day more than 200 patients attend our outpatient clinics. We are equipped with sophisticated diagnostics and therapeutic instruments.

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