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Sri Ramana Dental Care 

About Us

Dr.Alagappan, dedicated to oral health - Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in a renown institution. BDS, MDS, DNB, MFDSRCPS (Glasgow - UK) We are happy to introduce our self, one of the expertise dental care for more than a decade in specialised dental procedures. You could surely experience a ultimate smile makeover here at our clinic. Sincere smiles encompass the whole face, welcome to a higher level of comfort from a kinder gentler dentist. Gentle touch expertise on Root canal treatment, Cosmetic dental restoration, Scaling and gum care, Dental implants, Dental bleaching/Teeth whitening, Minor oral surgeries, Teeth aligning, Wisdom teeth extraction, Dental extraction, Oral cancer detection, Jaw pain management, Children dentistry. You could experience a thorough diagnosis, complete cleanliness and hygiene in Sri Ramana Dental Care. Clinic is equipped with better dental equipments with all safety standards, the sterilization provided for the instrument are at par. Integrated protocol system at our clinic preserving patient History and radiographs facilitates further follow ups. Identify a kind personalised painless treatment with amazing results in our Clinic. We strongly recommend bringing the medical record while visiting our specialty dental care for an appropriate and safe dental care.


  Location 1
KSS Street
Chennai 603103
Tamil Nadu
Contact: 9791062734
Business Hrs: 18:00 - 21:00
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