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Established 1990

Sanjeevani Ayurveda & Yoga Centre was started in 1990 to contribute to the effort of strengthening the Indian systems of healthcare & medicine. The center offers treatments for a wide variety of diseases using purely traditional methods. Through Ayurveda & Yoga, common health problems as well as chronic ailments are treated effectively. We at Sanjeevani believe that this form of healthcare is best suited to our people. We wish to initiate a change in the healthcare policy of our country so that Ayurveda becomes the principal medical system. In keeping with these objectives , Sanjeevani disseminates information through publications; contributes to newspapers & journals; trains a new generation of Ayurvedic doctors; conducts lectures on Ayurveda & Yoga and supports rural healthcare initiatives.

Vani Singh
Dr. Vani Singh
Ayurvedic Therapist
Nithya Sivan
Dr. Nithya Sivan
Ayurvedic Therapist

At Sanjeevani we treat

  • Respiratory Disorders : Asthma, cough, chronic nasal congestions, sinusitis, etc.
  • Digestive Disorders : Acute & chronic diarrhoea, impaired digestion,  piles, acute & chronic stomach pain, hyper-acidity, dysentry, constipation, etc.
  • Major Vata disorders : Joint pain, Back pain, Arthritis, SLE, Slip-Disc, Paralysis, Spondilitis, Neurological disorders etc.
  • Gynaecology : Irregular/painful/absence of menstruation, Excessive bleeding, Fibroid, PCO, PMS & infertility.
  • Epilepsy in children & adults.
  • Heart diseases
  • Pregnancy care :  Pregnancy care, Child-birth, Post Delivery care and Child care.
  • Children's diseases:   Common ailments of children and treatment for children with special needs.
  • Urinary disorders : Urinary stones, prostate gland enlargement, urinary tract infection, diabetes, Obstruction of Urine.
  • Skin diseases: Different kinds of Skin diseases including allergies, herpes etc.
  • Common complaints : Fevers, Head-aches, anaemia, jaundice, diseases of eyes, problems associated with ENT, obesity, Hyper-tension etc.

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  Location 1
Location 1
No 1/341, Gangai Amman Kovil Street,
Chennai 600041
Tamil Nadu
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Business Hrs: 09:00 - 21:00
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