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Established 2000

SAH is a 100 bedded multispeciality hospital in Tuticorin with all modern health care facilities and departments under one roof. We have imbibed a spirit of providing best care to the people in the Pearl City, Tuticorin.

The infrastructure and facilities available in our hospital itself portrays our commitment to give the very best to our patients and clients and their relatives, complemented by our team members, comprising of experienced full time doctors and a very efficient and cordial paramedical staff...

With the support of the people and professional colleagues, the present Sundaram Arulrhaj Hospital was born to be the first ISO 9001:2000 certified 100 Bedded Cardiac and Multi specialty Hospital with all Tertiary care Medical facilities under one roof.

To satisfy my Academic and Teaching skills I played an active role in the Indian Medical Association and Association of Physicians in India , at Tuticorin, Tamilnadu and finally to the Head Quarters , New Delhi.

This elevated me as the Dean of IMA College, NewDelhi for 1996-1998 and further as the National President of IMA 2002-2003. As the National President of IMA I started broadening my vision towards the Public Health of the India and worked with the following:

Vision - Healthy India
Mission – Doctor society friendship

This public Health vision pushed me up to the International arena as Vice President of Commonwealth medical Association 2004-2007 at the meeting in Ghana.

Further commonwealth countries unimously elected me as the President of Commonwealth medical Association for 2007-2010.

First Indian to get this unique honor

This international Position enlarged my vision towards the Health of Developing & under Developing Countries.

S. Arulrhaj
Dr. S. Arulrhaj
Acute Medicine Specialist
T. Neelambujan
Dr. T. Neelambujan
B. Kannan
Dr. B. Kannan
Archana Ambujan
Dr. Archana Ambujan
Fertility Specialist,Gynecologist and Obstetrician
Aarathy Kannan
Dr. Aarathy Kannan
Diabetologist,General Physician
Dr. R.Subburathinam
Gynecologist and Obstetrician
Dr. Chockaiahraja
Neuro Surgeon,Neurologist
Dr. Kannan
Plastic Surgeon
Lalitha Subramanian
Dr. Lalitha Subramanian
Dr. Palaramakrishnan
Dr. L.Pavalan
Joint Replacement (Ortho) Surgeon,Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. K.Sundaralingam
Chest Medicine
Dr. Sriram
Dr. Thadeous
Prince Jeba Anand
Dr. Prince Jeba Anand
Dr. Flora
Dr. M.A.Shafir
Joint Replacement (Ortho) Surgeon,Orthopaedic Surgeon
Siva Sankari
Dr. Siva Sankari
Dr. R.Venakatasubramanian
Dr. Amuthan
Onco Surgeon
Dr. Shanthi
Dr. N.Vijayarahavan
Dr. C.Ramasamy
Dr. Silas
Dr. Parthasarathy
Dr. R.Ramasubramanian
Gastroenterologist,Surgical Gastroenterology
Dr. Kamalavasan
Dr. A.Vasan
General Surgeon
P.Rajavel Murugan
Dr. P.Rajavel Murugan
Dr. Jenkin
V.Kannan Bhaba
Dr. V.Kannan Bhaba
K.Bharathi Kannan
Dr. K.Bharathi Kannan
Mary Nirmala
Dr. Mary Nirmala
Dr. C.Ponraj
Dr. Deivanathan
General Surgeon

Cardiology & Cardiac Surgeries

Cath Lab

Angiogram & Angioplasty

Valvulo Plasty, Pacemaker implantation

Cardiac Surgeries

Accident, Emergencies & Intervention Cares

Obstetrics & Gynecology & IVF

Diabetic Care

Neuro Care ?Stroke & Epilepsy Care

24 Hours Service
  • Round the clock Accident & Emergency Department

  • Round the clock care of Medical Emergencies like Heart Attack cases, Cardiac Failure & Arrythmia

  • spiral injury , RTA, Coma, Poisoning etc

  • Round the clock admission of Stroke & emergency neuro cases

  • Registration of medico-legal cases

  • 24 hrs Cardiac Care with Invervetion Cardiologist & Cardiac Cath Laboratory

  • 24 Hrs Pharmacy Services

  • 24 Hrs Ambulance Services

  • 24 Hrs Diagnostics, Laboratory & Radiology Services

  • 24 Hrs Pannal of Specialsts to manage Cardiac, Neuro, Trauma Cases & Medical Emergencies

  • 24 Hrs CT Scan

  • Periodical intimation of details / condition of referred patients to referring doctors

  • Regular Patient Relatives Information on the Health status of their Kith & Kin
Patient Services:
SAH patient service is committed to creating and delivering a consistent level of excellent service for patients, families, visitors and staff by providing timely and effective information and resolution of problems.

We provide special services like giving cost estimates, particularly for surgical cases which helps the patients in planning their finances accordingly. SAH Patient service achieves its mission by serving as a liaison and resource for patients, staff and the community in addressing issues involving the patient satisfaction and complaint management.
SAH has the ambulance services for 24 hours which has been rendering to the patient as per the need. The availability of the round the clock services help to attend the emergency cases fastly. The vital minutes saved can make the difference between life and death in an emergency.
SAH has a full-fledged emergency department with the ambulance receiving facility.. This department is staffed by a team of physicians together with the trauma surgeons, emergency Department nurses, technicians to handle patient’s emergency needs. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency and after hours care. SAH is the best place to come to access the emergency treatment procedures immediately to save a life from the critical condition with the provision of 24 hours X-Ray, CAth Lab, CT Scan, Laboratory, Occupational and Physical Therapy, trauma treatment and other services.
Consultant / Doctors Availability:
SAH has experienced consultants of various specialties on a 24-Hours call. This ensures that admitting new patients in critical condition are promptly visited by a specialist, even during the night for the appropriate treatment. At SAH there are also Resident medical Officers available at any given point of time.
Home Care:
After Discharge Physiotherapy, Diabetic care, Hypertension Care and Hospital transfers for review are done. by a specialist, even during the night for the appropriate treatment. At SAH there are also Resident medical Officers available at any given point of time.
Diet Services:
Good nutrition is a key to Good Health and wholesome, nourishing and well balanced meals plays an important part in the patient’s treatment and recover. We have full time registered dieticians to provide the nutrious meals, prepared as per the doctor’s prescription suited to the patient’s needs or medical condition. Patients are served their daily meals (Break Fast, Lunch and Dinner) at the scheduled times.
A special aspect of SAH’s Pharmacy is the 24 hours services with the availability of pharmacist team. All types of medicines are stored in the correct environmental conditions so that the efficacy and potency of the drug do not deteriorate.

ISO 9001 systems ensure that expired medicines never reach the patient by mistake.
Diagnostic Services:
Round the clock diagnostic services available at SAH.24 hours Diagnostic services at the Pathology, Radiology, Imaging and cardiology departments with all diagnostic requirements is a boom for the emergency patients to perform all diagnostic instantly for appropriate treatment procedures before further deterioration takes place. And also for the admitted In Patients in the hospital for continuous monitoring of health parameters can be undertaken at a moment notice with this service. By the effective medical investigation without losing precious time for patients not only saves costs and reduces sufferings, but also saves lives.
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