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“Comfort is our first concern" We are committed to provide you painless dentistry at RISHI MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC, FIRST FLOOR, SPARKLE, OPP. KOTECHA GIRL’S HIGHSCHOOL, KOTECHA MAIN ROAD, OFF KALAWAD ROAD, RAJKOT. GUJARAT. INDIA. Pin code: - 360001. You will receive quality dental care like never before. We will create for you a smile that will dazzle a lifetime. RISHI Multispeciality & Cosmetic Dental Hospital offers international quality dental care and specialty treatment. Right from the days of its establishment, it has strived and succeeded in providing quality dental care. With a unique multi-disciplinary approach, the customers have access to a renowned aesthetic dentist, a prosthodontist, a periodontist, an implantologist, an endodontist, an orthodontist and an oral and maxillo facial surgeon - All under one roof! Our clinic is situated in the heart of the city, is a state of the art multispeciality dental clinic with all necessary latest modern equipments. This helps us to provide the best treatment to our valued patients, who come from all over world. Our RISHI MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC & OM DENTAL CLINIC has a truly new concept, where all multiple dental diseases can be treated at the one place. We are doing all types of multiple treatments for all kinds and classes of patients. We have included different faculty dentists in our panel, so that each treatment will be perfect and accurate. Our another clinic is situated in the same city (RAJKOT), namely OM DENTAL CLINIC, FIRST FLOOR, GANESH COMPLEX, PEDOK ROAD, RANCHHODNAGAR-4 CORNER, RAJKOT, GUJARAT, INDIA. Pin code: - 360003. Our Motto To provide the best treatment in the least possible time and with no pain “SMILE PUTS BACK ON YOUR FACE” Highlights  Timings - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  Open on Sundays from 10.00 Am to 12.00 Am.  Treatment Strictly by Appointments.  Less Waiting Periods.  Total Dentistry at One place.  Quality Treatments By Experienced Hands.  State of art equipments & infrastructure.  High Standard of Hygiene & Sterilization.  Affordable Treatments.  Comfortable Environment.  Post Operative Care & Instructions.  Quick Lab Services.  Pleasant & Hospitable Staff. NRI SERVICES. o Appointments via E-mail. o Virtual Treatment Planning. ( Send your Problems, X –Rays, other medical /Dental Details and we will plan & schedule for fast , accurate and comfortable treatment. o Fast treatment by long Appointment and dedicated team of Doctors, Laboratory technicians and Staff. o Oral Hygiene Kit Concept. o Guidance when you are not in India ( Via e-mail and Website). Facilities Provided at Clinic  Prior appointments.  Highly ultra modern equipped dental clinic.  Good and hygienic environment.  Fully air- conditioned operatory.  Polite nature of all the dental surgeons.  Family dental health awareness plan.  Constant counseling and education for patients.  Special treatment and observation for child / pedo patient and management and treatment planning.  Counseling and regular follow –up for habits such as tobacco / pan / cigarettes, etc.  Information and Demonstration of each treatment by computer software.  Home care instructions and demonstrations by computer software.  Ambient atmosphere with well trained and good mannered dental staff for facilitation of patients take care of every minute requirements and comforts. Comfort Relaxing, aesthetic, comfortable (dust free air-conditioned) environment of the Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic& Om Dental Clinic helps the patient to regain his/her confidence & overcome the apprehensions. Plush interiors, nice soothing music and the most hospitable staff make it more comfortable for the patient. Finally the patient is introduced to a dynamic team of qualified & experienced Dental Surgeons who are re-assuring & very confident in their approach. Staff Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic& Om Dental Clinic takes pride in introducing its dynamic team of qualified, experienced & professionally competent Dental Surgeons supported by well-trained chair side assistants, lab technicians & receptionist. General Dental Surgeons  Dr. Tejas Trivedi - CHIEF OPERATIVE DENTAL SURGEON.  Dr. Vaishali Trivedi - CHIEF EXECUTIVE DENTAL SURGEON. VISITING FACULTIES AND ASSOCIATES: - Oral Diagnostist & Laser Specialist Endodontist Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon Periodontist Orthodontist Aesthetic Dentist Anaesthetist State of Art All Equipment's, instruments and materials used in Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic& Om Dental Clinic are world class, state of art & first quality. • Intra Oral Camera: On the computer monitor, with the help of DV – 1 Intra-Oral Camera, patients can view live and detailed images of the various problems in the oral cavity & teeth. This helps the patient to understand their problem quite well. The Intra oral camera helps the Doctor to explain why & how improvements can be made through cosmetic dentistry, as well as other dental procedures by showing the images, before & after treatment. • Radio Visual Graphy Machine (RVG 5000 _ KODAK). - Different types of teeth dieses and each procedure in root canal treatment is analyzed by DIGITAL X-RAY (Digital Radio visual graphy Machine). This unique machine helps us in taking the digital records of patients’ dental conditions and the records can be saved on a computer / published / print / transferred on to a CD ROM as soft copy. It is very easy to communicate through INTERNET with fellow dentists in specialist panel or even different specialized dentists without the hassle of mutual physical distance with the help of these digital records. This extraordinary boon to dentistry has made the Endodontic work so easy that life could be never so simplified. Ultra Mordern Instruments • Electrically operated Dental Chairs - well equipped with additional instruments- o Highly modified dental chair - Agni Dental chair. o Highly customized dental chair - Onyx Dental Chair. o Both from Chesa Dental Equipments. • Endodontic Motor (X-Smart Endomotor _ DENTSPLY) - At Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic; the root canal treatment is even simpler due to the use of X-Smat ENDOMOTOR. This superb instrument from Dentsply deals with soundless negotiation of the canals with so less time consumption and so effectively as the chances of failures of root canal treatment touched nil. • LED Light cure Machine (Translux Blue _ Heareus –kulzer). - With help of this beautiful & sleek LED light, it is possible to make all cosmetic dental work without noise and discomfort to the patients. • Intra oral X - RAY Machine (Gomax). – This unique X-ray machine with one vertical arm and two moving horizontal arm can reach any position of the patient while patient sitting on the chair and allow to take all intra oral periapical views which help in diagnosis and reevaluation of the diseases and treatment performed. • Ultra Sonic Scalar & Root Planner (P 5 Booster Pie so - Electric Ultra Sonic Scalar - Satelac). This excellent ultrasonic scalar comes with pie so motor and a SUPRASSON hand piece attached with a long cord. This instrument allows negotiation with different types of periodontal and Endodontic attachments. The Satelac P 5 Booster Pie So Electric Scalar is the best among its class. • Cycled Autoclave (Uniclave) and sterilizer for total sterilization needs regarding all the instruments, materials and accessories. • NSK Air rotor and Micro motor Hand pieces. • Ultra Modern Hand Instruments. • Newly Developed Advanced Dental Materials. Hygienic Standards For the safety & well being of our Patients, Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic& Om Dental Clinic takes utmost care about hygiene & sterilization. Most of the items used are disposable. The Extraction and various other Instruments are sterilized using Digital Auto Clave, Hot Air Sterilizer & Glass Bead Sterilizer. Patients are provided with separate set of fully sterilized instrument. Patients are particularly asked to rinse their mouth with mouthwash containing Chlorhexidine-glauconate, which has bactericidal effect. This helps in reducing the bacterial count, before the Treatment. Instruments and other items not in use after sterilization are kept in Ultra-Violet StorageCabinets.


  Location 1
Ganesh Complex - First Floor, Ranchhodnagar - 4 Corners
Pedak Road
Rajkot 360003
Landmark: Patelwadi
Contact: 9898906087
Business Hrs: 09:00 - 19:30
Break Hrs: 12:30 - 16:30
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