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Established 2014

As a Naturopathic doctor, I practice integrative medicine (A.M) for chronic and debilitating ailments including Cancer, and also counsel on Stress management, aim for all of which is to improve human productivity holistically. I consult both online as well as face to face in clinical settings. As regards 'Stress Management', I prescribe/ recommend holistic stress control strategies to enhance ones operational efficiency. I attempt to alleviate stress holistically, taking into account occupational as well as other life stresses including the health aspects of the individual, thereby facilitating improvement in productivity/ performance of any individual. Additionally, depending on the criticality of the case, I also integrate with conventional care physicians to understand the patient’s exact treatment status, goals, approach, prescription, prognosis et al to facilitate an appropriate integrative medicine prescription at my end. Wherever possible, basis intense analysis and research, I constructively challenge the conventional physician's approach/ prescriptions (vs. the goals) to mitigate any risk of inadvertent failure resulting in unnecessarily delayed and ineffective treatments. As of date, I have successfully treated/ consulted on cases with respect to upper & lower respiratory tract infections including pharyngitis/ sore throat, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, common cold, asthma, bronchitis, allergic cough et al by effectively integrating Alternative Medicine with Allopathic treatment and also certain cases dedicatedly through Alternative Medicine alone. I have also consulted on a few more cases concerning allergy, stress/ anxiety, PTSD, head-ache, depression, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, fatigue, constipation, gastritis, indigestion et al using A.M. I was also instrumental in improving the quality of life of a stage IV cancer patient (HCC) through effective monitoring & administration of Alternative Medicines, especially dietetics/ nutrition, reflexology & herbal medicine for side effects management while at the same time synergistically integrating with the chemotherapy treatment that progressed simultaneously. I also did regular psycho-oncology counselling for the caregivers that helped create a supportive and conducive atmosphere for the treatment.

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Location 1
BDA Colony
Bhubaneswar 751002
Landmark: Near Lingaraj Railway Station
Business Hrs: 10:30 - 14:30
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