Established 2012

Life brings along several situations, like travel, emergencies, occasions and others when you can't keep your pet at home or take along and for these circumstances you can bring your pet to stay at our facility. Inji's Boarding Kennels provides a place for your pets.Our facility offers individual, clean, well ventilated and hygienic kennels and a play area. Your pet will be taken through his/her daily feeding schedules, groomed and walked and taken care of round the clock by our trained staff. The medical needs of your pet will be attended to without any delay by the in-house attending veterinarian, Dr. S. M. Aravind Kumar, M.V.Sc., The Ark Veterinary Clinic. Boarding kennels are available as Standard (20 sqft) and Comfort (30 sqft with Air-conditioning) and is available for a limited number of dogs. Please call in advance to make a reservation. We will examine all dogs before admitting for the boarding particularly, parasite control and health status, to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.Details of the Examination before admission:

  • Pet/Owner Details
  • Copy of vaccination records
  • Feeding schedules/habits
  • Physical examination
  • Parasite control
    • Boarding
    • Therapy
    • Socialization
    • Training
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      Location 1
    Location 1
    7th St, Ambattur Industrial Estate
    Chennai 600058
    Tamil Nadu
    Landmark: Opp. Wavin and near to Volkswagen service center
    Business Hrs: 09:00 - 21:00
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