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Cloud nine hospital 

About Us

Driven by the core objective of delivering world-class healthcare services in India, Cloudnine healthcare facilities herald the beginning of a new era for all woman and child care needs. Cloudnine is the result of the founder and senior neonatologist Dr. R. Kishore Kumar's vision of bridging the ever- widening gap between Indian and international standards of healthcare. With a diversified, well trained and motivated workforce, Cloudnine has achieved and sustained ZERO percent maternal mortality rate and 99.72% survival rates for babies, despite the high risk cases we undertake. We are immensely passionate about what we do, and have the support of top-notch investor, Matrix Partners. Having established the Cloudnine brand of expert care and world-class service in Bangalore, we now look forward to expanding across the country, starting with our new center in Chennai.


  Location 1
54 Vijayaraghava road
Chennai 600017
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: Near Hyatt hotel
Contact: 04466299999
Business Hrs: 09:00 - 21:00
Break Hrs: 13:00 - 14:00
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