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Advanced Calendar management

Mange calendar and control your availability. Sharable feature is unique to control Public Appointment timeslots

Role Based Access Control for Managing Employee logins and access to data

Front office to manage calendar with configurable timeslots management

SMS to patients

MocDoc sends SMS immediately after appointment booking and Appointment Reminders through SMS

Show the patients where your are. Patients discover you through mobile, web or through shareble profile page

Mange calendar and control your availability. Mark as Private to control Appointment timeslots


Visit summary, Appointments reports etc

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Unlimted Patient Records

Store your patient records

Store Patient Visit Records

Capture patient visit records and see the details every time patient visits in patient dashboard

Smart Phone App

Access your patients record through smart phone or tablet

SMS based Review Reminders

Set Review Reminders or Vaccination Reminders

Growth Chart - Height/Weight Charts

MocDoc automates Growth Charts, it automatically generate Height and Weight Charts of a child

Dental Tooth based Examination/Investigation

Click on the tooth or multiple teeth to capture examinations/investigations

Vaccination/Immunisation Reminders

MocDoc provides IAP Vaccination/Immunisation records and will send reminders based on IAP schedules

Income/Expense management

Manage expense like staff salaries, EB, Phone bill etc, see the periodic reports


See various reports etc

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Product Master

Add your products to the master

Keep track of stock levels/reorders and Expiry list

See inventory level, send Purchase order sms to supplier etc

Create and Manage Multiple Stores

Create and manage multiple stores and sub stores in a single place