B.G Hospital
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Established 1991

BG Hospital established in 1988 by Dr A Ramamurthy, a post graduate in internal medicine and a gold medalist in medicine from then Madras University
The doctors are
1. DR A Ramamurthy MD
2. Dr R Rukmani MD OG
3. Dr.J Kannan MS
4. Dr. Pradeep MBBS

J Kannan MS
Dr. J Kannan MS
General Surgeon
Malarvizhi Guhan
Dr. Malarvizhi Guhan
Gynecologist and Obstetrician
Orthopaedic Surgeon
T. Ponravi
Dr. T. Ponravi
BGH provides primary and secondary health care for people of Tiruchendur and surrounding areas The services include a.
    General medical care services for all people seeking primary and secondary health care
1.     Common ailment such as Infections [ Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infection]
2.     Allergic respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, Asthma, COPD
3.      Heart ailments such as HT, CAD, Rh. Valvular heart disease and heart failure
4.      GIT disorder such as GERD, PUD, IBS, Malabsorption
5.      General Renal diseases like Nephritis, ARF, CKD, urinary infections, urinary stones 6.     Endocrine disorder such as Diabetes, Thyroid disorders and other hormone failures
7.     Erectile dysfunction
8.     Neurological disorders such as stroke, cerebral Ischemia, degenerative seizure disorders, minor psychiatric illness and  demyelinating disorders
b.    General surgical care
1      General abdominal surgeries like Hernia correction, Hydrocoel correction. Piles surgery, abdominal emergencies such as perforation, volvulus, appendicitis and intestinal obstructions, Thyroid and gall bladder surgeries with specialist assistance. 2      Minor procedure such as circumcision, wound cleaning and dressing
c.     Obstetrics and Gynec care
1.     Antenatal checkups and screening and immunization
2.     Normal deliveries
3.     Assisted Deliveries
4.     Caesarian Section delivery 
5.     Gynecological disorders like menstrual disorders
6.     Uterine diagnostic and surgical procedures
7.     Laparoscopic assisted surgeries such as ovarian and uterine removal with specialist assistance
8.     Neonatal screening and immunization with pediatrician assistance
9.     Family planning surgeries 10.  General medical diseases of woman such as Gynec infections, inflammations
d.     pediatric care on call
1.     Minor infections and respiratory illness
e.     Orthopedic care on call 2.     Minor Fracture care
f.      Urological service on call Urology surgery such as Prostatic surgery, stone removal with specialist assistance
g.     Medical and surgical emergencies with the facility to transfer patients with equipped Ambulance and health care team
1.     ACS and heart failure
2.     Stroke
3.     Metabolic acidosis
4.     Poisons
5.     Respiratory failure
6.     Infections and sepsis
7.     Multisystem failure
8.     Insect bite
9.     Anaphylaxis
h.    Preventive health care such as immunization
1.     Immunization lists 2.   
Immunization [ pediatric, antenatal i.  
   Family planning assistance
a.     Tubectomy
b.     Vasectomy
c.     IUCD insertion
j.      Radiological services and Other Diagnostic services
1.     CT Scan -Dual slice
2.     X Ray 300 MA
3.     Ultrasonography
4.     Treadmill
5.     Pulmonary function test
6.     ECG
7.     EEG
k.     Diagnostic services
1.     Biochemistry
2.     Hematology
3.     Microbiology  
l.      Pharmacy services
1.All general medicines
m.   Canteen services
1.     Food supply to staff and patients on demand Medial Professionals and specialty
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  Location 1
Location 1
Tiruchendur 628216
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: Thoothukudi-Tiruchendur-Kanyakumari Rd
Business Hrs: 00:00 - 23:59
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