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About Us

Established in the year 1998, Appasamy Hospital is a 70 bedded Secondary Care Hospital with multi-speciality services. The defining points of the hospital are the strong value systems that guide every aspect of the hospital from patient care to billing. Timely action, accurate diagnosis & treatments and extremely ethical billing practices make the hospital completely patient centric. A ‘Patient First’ approach drives every medical practitioner here. We do not build buildings, but build Trust. Appasamy Hospitals has always been committed to "patient first" approach. Now we take this to the next level of patient comfort. That is the reason behind our innovative step to set up a dedicated Out Patient Block. This exclusive out patient block establishes two positives in one stroke. It is a pleasant visit for the patients, as the ambience is stunning and at the same time has the back up of the over a decade old parent hospital. It is a master stroke that combines patient friendly service with patient critical facilities under one roof.


  Location 1
Chennai 600106
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: ANNA ARCH
Contact: Contacts For Emergency : 044-3059 59 39 / 3049 59 99 / 3049 59 56 . All enquiries: 044-3059 59 39 / 3049 59 99 / 3049 59 56
Business Hrs: 10:00 - 13:00
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