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About Us

Adseroga means “appropriate health” and that’s what we aim to provide you with, at the end of our sessions. We believe therapies has to be empathetic, least disturbing physically, mentally and therefore we aim to provide you with what you want in the shortest possible time with least difficulty, using appropriate technology for the same. *Our services:* *1. **Physiotherapy* Occupational therapy- For making you ready for your occupation following rehabilitation, like improving hand functions Speech therapy- We offer- · Services for stammering/stuttering correction & dysfluencies, misarticulation (incorrect pronunciation). · Voice correction following stroke, vocal cord paralysis, puberphonia(female voice for males) etc *Pain management* *Stress management* *Recreational therapy* _Featured therapies:_ Advanced body weight supported walking training program Suspension therapy *Exclusive packages with intensive training-* for outside clients- from morning till late evening. Back/Joint pain clinic; *Back pain:*


  Location 1
7/44,2nd street,Ramagiri Nagar
Chennai 600042
Tamil Nadu
Landmark: near Baby nagar bus stand
Contact: 044-43138038;9094775026
Business Hrs: 09:00 - 21:00
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