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Introduction 1. DENTAL CLINIC-INTRODUCTION best dentist in santokhgarh.21st June,2006 The landmark date as This was the inaugural day of the 32 PEARLS IMPLANT & ORTHODONTIC DENTAL HOSPITAL. in a town SANTOKHGARH .This hospital is dedicated to quality dental treatment.We give full attention towards hygiene and sterilization .Our sterilization and hygiene quality compete international standards of W.H.O. Packed mineral water is served to patients so that hygiene is not compromised.source of water for dental unit and instruments is distilled water so that no contamination enter in the office which is not relied on tap water..Our sincere and dedicated team of staff emphasise on patient comfort and care.We feel proud to be a part of this hospital team . 2. BEST INFECTION CONTROL & HYGIENE STANDARDS This mission of hygiene gives us lead over the oponents and mark us the BEST in this region.Our team gives highest stress on this area.Any kind of short cut or compromise neither allowed or tolerable in the 32 Pearls Dental Hospital.Following measures are being taken to in hospital to prevent cross infection{ whether patient-to-patient,or from patient to staff and from staff to patient,or among staff }. 1. wearing gloves,masks,gowns,glass and/or face shields. 2. Washing hands before and after every patient done. 3. Changing gloves between patients and during treatment as necessary to avoid contamination. 4. Using as many instruments and other items that can be disposed of after each use as feasible. 5. Sterlising all non disposable instruments that can withstand the heat of sterilization. 6. Disinfecting others with antimicrobial chemicals approved by appropriate government agency. Offering ORTHDONTIC TREATMENTRoot Canal Treatment (R.C.T)- FRACTURE TREATMENT TEETH WHITENING 5000~ INR FRACTURE TREATMENT ~ Simple Case 7000_INR By Open Reduction ~15000~/ ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT WITH BRACES & WIRE ORTHDONTIC TREATMENT~~> Treatment of mal-aligned or irregular teeth with the help of braces and wire. Cost of treatment varies according to severity .


  Location 1
MDR 39
Una 174301
Himachal Pradesh
Landmark: Near New Bus Stand Santokhgarh
Contact: 9418787080
Business Hrs: 09:00 - 20:00
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