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Those who feel they missed out by not being born with dimples can now have the situation corrected through plastic surgery. In a quick and simple procedure, dimples can be added to the cheeks or chin.

Plastic surgeons can create dimples through a simple incision inside the mouth, creating an artificial version of what might be considered a flaw in those born with dimples, a lesion connecting skin and underlying muscle tissue.

Among those requesting dimple creation surgery, women are primarily interested in adding dimples to their cheeks, while most men are signing up for chin dimples. Some patients already have a dimple on one cheek and simply want a corresponding indentation on the other cheek, but most are looking for a matched set on two smooth cheeks.

As if to prove that people want what they don't have, some patients request removal of existing dimples, which is accomplished by removing the lesions that created them.

Surgeons advise that dimple creation results are not immediate. In fact, the surgical site can be quite conspicuous during healing, which may take up a month. After that, they say, it looks like the patient was born with dimples.

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