Daily Activities that can help preventing heart problems:

  • Research found that doing yoga or ohm exercise can reduce your risk of getting cardio-vascular problems. It helps in relaxing your blood vessels. 
  • Be Friendly. People who spent time alone is found to have a higher risk of heart problems than the ones who are socially active. So spend some time with your loved ones. 
  • Dark Chocolates are rich in cocoa. This anti-oxidant can reduce blood pressure, relax the blood vessels and control blood sugar.
  • Be active throughout the day. It is found that people who are less active have more risk of heart problems even if they exercise regularly. So don'tspend too much time on your couch/chair. Take short breaks regularly.
  • Go Green: Add lot of green leaves in salad. These are excellent sources of vitamins and phytochemicals which can reduce the risk of heart diseases and depression. Almonds and cranberries also helps a lot along with vinaigrette dresssing. 
  • Sleep Well: Too much sleep or too less sleep both affects the activity of heart. Short sleepers are found to have more chances of getting stroke or cardio vascular problems. Also people who sleeps too much may reuslt in experiencing chest pain, coronary artery disease and depression. Proper sleep lies somewhere around 8 hours. 

Doctor Dr. Karthikeyan Sivasubramanian, 2013040918:03:46

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