It is a tough situation people are facing in Chennai right now but we should not forget it is not mostly a natural disaster!
Honestly the reason is 85% manmade. Lets see what Chennai floods have taught us and the necessary steps to be taken during flood times.

1. People should know the details of geographical location of their house. Whether it is a low lying area, lake view area, built
over a place which had once been a pond, etc., If possible or have a chance to change your location from any of these areas, please do it.

2. We should not solely depend on technology like ATMs during floods. Banks will shut off ATMs during flood. Even credit cards
wont be working in much needed places like petrol bunks, departmental stores,etc.,  Take some cash with you beforehand which
will be sufficient at least for a week.

3. Have first aid kit and some generic medicines for regular problems like common cold, fever, body pains, allergies and antibiotics.
But also make sure that you do not take antibiotics unnecessarily.

4. If there is a drinking water scarcity in your area, you can use pressure cooker to heat water for 10 - 12 whistles. it will kill all the bacteria
and make the water sterile.

5. If there is no gas connection or electricity to heat the water you can also keep a container at the terrace of your house and use rain water
harvesting method to store water.You can even use a saree to filter the rain water. Fold the saree to four or even eight times and cover the
container with it. This will filter most of the unwanted impurities from rain water. 

6. Buy candles, mosquito coils and long expiry date food products like breads, biscuits, etc. This will help us when there is no electricity. 

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