Organic Farming practices are not only good for the environment but also found to be more healthier than their conventional peers which are grown using artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming makes the crops to fend for themselves rather than using any artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Due to this stress the organic crops undertake to grow, promotes greater concentration of health giving chemicals.

A recent study by researchers at the Federal University of Caera in Brazil found that organic tomatoes are richer in vitamin C and antioxidants than conventional tomatoes. Despite being smaller in size, these kind of tomatoes are found to possess 55% more vitamin C and 139% richer in antioxidants

Health Benefits:

These antioxidants are found to be very useful for bone health. It also helps to lower total cholestrol, LDL cholestrol and triglyceride. Another important factor of these tomatoes are, the extact of these tomatoes help in preventing aggregation of platelet cells in blood which is an essential factor in lowering risk of heart problems..

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