My son who is 7 yrs old still bedwets and doesn’t even bother about it. What should I tell him?
Nocturnal enuresis (night bed wetting) is an elimination disorder which decreases with increase in age. it is a normal phenomenon upto 5 yrs during which bladder control occurs. It has been even in teenagers upto 14 y. it occurs in 1% of adults. It may or may not be associated with bed soiling. The children enuretic after 5 y during day and night can be associated with mental disorders. The reasons may be neuromuscular & cognitive development, social & emotional factors, toilet training and possible genetic factors. May be associated with psychological stressor( like birth of a sibling, family break up) etc. One should always consult a doctor to rule out any neurological or infectious pathology. It is usually self limiting and usually resolves by 5-8 y.  it is treatable with behavioral therapy and pharmacological treatment.  

Doctor Dr. Vijayanand D, 2012072619:59:40

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