The number of reproductive health service providers in the Chennai region has increased quite significantly in the past few years. This is as a result of increased investment by private service providers in the region. The number of pregnancy hospitals and children hospitals in Chennai has increased, and the effects have been felt across the board. The most direct changes have been a decline in infant mortality rates; however, there have also been some other significant benefits that have come from this. Here are some additional benefits of easier access to reproductive health services in Chennai.


Better health for women overall

The health of women in many developing countries is a challenge because of high rates of poverty combined with lack of education. These women tend to suffer from medical complications and diseases that have been brought on by a lack of access to the right information on how to take care of their own health. However, pregnancy hospitals are able to address this problem and lead to increased health for these women. These institutions have become a leading educational center for many women. They are able to come and get valuable advice and training on how to lead healthier lives. They are educated on which habits enrich their lives and which ones damage them. The value of this education can be seen in that healthy living is fast become common practice as this education is streamlined.

Life expectancy rates are increasing

Children hospitals in Chennai have had a crucial role in the increase of life expectancy rates in the region. These hospitals have helped to reduce the rates of child mortality for children below five years. They have also helped to reduce the number of major complications that threaten the lives of children living in these areas.

These medical facilities are increasing life expectancy rates by encouraging beneficial practices such as vaccination and immunization for children under age five years. These practices, in turn, help to eradicate certain diseases such as polio which despite being eradicated in some parts of the world are still a threat in others. The generation is, therefore, much healthier and lives much longer.

Infertility is losing stigma

Pregnancy hospitals in Chennai have also been able to provide services to assist women who are suffering from infertility. This condition is now being addressed as a medical challenge rather than a cause of stigma and ostracization in society. 

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