We all need adequate and quality sleep to rejuvenate and get fresh for another day. Sometimes when this does not happen our quality of life and work output suffers. Depression, Anxiety and sometimes
work stress and disturbing thoughts could play spoilsport with our sleep mechanism. The body and the mind suffer in those situations.

In modern times adequate counselling regarding sleep hygiene, monitoring ones life style, disturbing thoughts and coping with the stresses of life at appropropriate times are within easy reach from qualified professionals. Your psychiatrist can help you with adequate measures to handle these issues. A few minutes of discussion will bring out the areas of life that require suitable modification for a  healthy living.

There are also specific medications recommended for specific disturbances such as anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts rapid mood swings and spells of irritablity. Many of these conditions that disturb the quality of life and the quality of life in general,also can lead to or worsen physical illnesses.

For a 'Sound Mind in a Sound Body' we all need detoxification, destressing and maintaining good sleep hygiene will go a long way to achieve that goal.

Doctor Dr. Srinivasan Balasubramania, 2012101021:58:01

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