In Vitro Fertilization Bangalore Explained

There are numerous reasons that can render a woman incapable of conceiving and carrying a woman to term. While some of these conditions can be treated using medicines, there are others that are way to deep and therefore require surgical treatments such as in vitro fertilization Bangalore. A good number of women and their partners have in the past and recently undergone Ivf pregnancy Bangalore successfully and are now bringing up their kids. In other words, no one should feel like their dreams of having children are shattered just because the doctor said that medicine treatments were unsuccessful.


A couple is rendered infertile if they are incapable of becoming pregnant after trying for one or more years. Before the lapse of one year, there is no point seeking infertility treatments as you may still be able to conceive in the near future. So, what is ivf?

In vitro fertilization

When a couple conceives through natural means, egg from the woman and sperm from the male partner usually meet in the fallopian tubes of the woman. Fallopian tubes are the tubes joining the ovaries to the womb. From there, one sperm penetrates the egg from the woman and fertilization takes place. When it comes to ivf, the entire process is made to take place outside the woman’s body. The eggs of a woman are surgically extracted and then fertilized in the laboratory using sperm that has been provided as sperm sample. The next step entails surgical implantation of the embryo, the fertilized egg into the womb of the woman. Typically, a single ivf cycle lasts between 4-7 weeks.

 What to expect following ivf treatment

It is important to note that IVF does not always lead to pregnancy. Specifically, around 20-25% of cycles usually lead to pregnancies. However, this may be due to a number of factors such as the age of the woman. A young woman is more likely to become pregnant than a woman who is above 40 years. However, one can always try if one attempt of ivf pregnancy Bangalore fails.

Couples planning to go through Ivf should be mentally and physically prepared because it can be a very demanding process. You must decide from the beginning how far you and your partner are willing to go with the process. There are a few women and men who have suffered from emotional and mental problems such as depression and anxiety during or after IVF.

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