It is a brainwashed fact that dairy products are very good for health and especially for children. But recent studies have proved it wrong. When they examine children who were suffering from constipation and anal fissures (very painful!), it is found that their diet includes mostly dairy products. After eliminating cow's milk, within 2 - 3 days, 70% of the children were found to be recovered from constipation.


When the children were made to drink cow's milk again, it is found that the constipation reappeared within 24 - 48hrs.  When those children were made to have milk free diet for a month and when re-examined, their eczema and wheezing problems were found to be cured too. 

The study also said that children who drink more than a cup of milk every day has eight times risk of developing anal fissures. So, if the child is found to be suffering from constipation, the best option to be considered is to remove cow's milk and other dairy products from the diet. 

Alternate Solution: As an alternate source to cow's milk, use soy milk or rice milk in diet.

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